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React Amsterdam 2019: Takeaway

  • The case of GraphQL (Peggy Rayzis)
    • Productivity boost across teams
    • Smaller payloads
    • Fewer client/server round trips
    • Preventing over fetching
  • Great Developer Experience (Peggy Rayzis)
  • Unobtrusive, out of the way e.g. Prettier
  • Predictable and intuitive, e.g. declarative React paradigm
  • Instant Feedback Loop e.g. VSCode/TS
  • Design Systems (Mark Dalgleish & Andrey Okonetchnikov)
    • Universal Language > Technology
    • Set of design related rules as system of instructions that can be reused across products
    • Shared language between designers and developers enforced by tooling
    • Design powered development tools
    • Developer workflows as productive as designers
    • UI components and pattern libraries can provide this intermediate abstraction and be a common language for both designers and developers.
  • Micro Frontends (Max Gallo)
    • Autonomy/Responsibility with Teams Innovation
  • Better you understand the abstraction, better you are at using it (Kent C Dodds)
  • Write code that is resilient to future change (Max Stoiber)
  • Use existing solutions for tech problems if you don’t understand deeply (Bias towards conservative choices)
  • Be open about roadmap to learn about users priorities