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First Post!

There comes a point in everyone’s life when one thinks, I should have a blog. I had that thought in my head a couple times, a couple years apart. First time, it was the summer of 2008 and I was ready for a huge direction change in my life, going to college in the United States. And it was supposed to be about the experiences. Well lets just say college handed me enough on my plate to forget that idea soon. Second time, I was a sophomore at college when I wanted to make a tech-news-opinion blog. Few posts after, I realized it was quite unappealing to me. I did enjoy writing, but it was just not my thing to write a blog solely about outside events. Specially since Facebook made expressing your opinions so to all your friends as easy as typing a status message.

I cannot see into the future, so I cannot predict the longevity of my blog. I graduated college in May 2012, and have been working as a software engineer ever since. My hope is that my status as a grownup would discount an early demise for my blog. Kidding aside, there are real reasons why I feel more than at any point, I really do need a blog.

  1. Express self-learnings Post college, I am getting the opportunity to learn a lot more on my own. I needed a place to share what I am learning.
  1. Bring cohesiveness to my work Directly related to 1, I hope documenting my learning and getting started with projects of increasing complexity will be a nice side effect of this blog. In the past, I have been guilty of starting projects and not donating enough time to them. I mean to change this habit for projects I start caring about.

  2. Blogging is fun with Octopress I discovered Github pages and hosting only a month ago, and just makes blogging plain fun for a coder. You get the minimalism with the Octopress scaffolding and publishing, get to blog in the terminal with Vim and is very extensible and Jeckyll, the static site generator underneath, is very extensible.

There are plenty others I suppose, but enough for the first post. This will be a blog mostly for my code, projects and discoveries I make along the way. Hopefully something shared here will be helpful to the reader, the way countless blogs on the interwebs help me everyday.