Avi Das

Home for my code, thoughts and else.

About Me

I like working on web/mobile products where I can make a significant impact to the user experience. I would rather do full stack, as it allows me to architect a product and exposes me to a wider variety of problems, which is what makes software exciting. Emerging web technologies are really interesting to me as well. Besides crafting an well designed app, I genuinely enjoy the other engineering aspects of my profession such as optimization and tradeoffs.

More of my experience has been on the backend where I have worked with Node.js/Express, Python/Flask, Ruby/Rails web frameworks and used Mongo/PostgreSQL/ElasticSearch as databases. On the frontend, I have used JavaScript/JQuery/Bootstrap for various projects and currently excited about React/Redux. I have also worked on mobile iOS/Android projects. Industry experience has been related to building developer experiences at scale in the payments industry, financial data analysis and network infrastructure software.

Things I like: running, reading, cooking, lifting, travelling, hackathons, meditation, festivals, a good conversation.

Things that bug me: how little we know about the human mind and body.